Did You Know?

  • The average homes displaces about 7 tons of CO2, per year! MSSI's solar electric systems can help reduce that amount by up to 100%
  • Astronomers have determined that the sun's energy has remained relatively constant over the past century and this "solar constant" will continue to be 1.35 kilowatts per square meter for about the next 4 billion years making solar energy the most reliable source of energy on the planet.
  • On a sunny day, Maryland receives about 196,000 Gigawatt hours of solar energy. This is more than all the electric power plants in the state would produce in a year.
  • Photovoltaics use the light produced by the sun (or any light source) to generate electricity. Sunlight striking a photovoltaic or solar cell causes a voltage differential across the photovoltaic material that induces a flow of direct electrical current. This voltage differential acts in a similar manner as a battery or DC generator.
  • The sun's energy is an enormous and constant energy resource but because of the Earth's protective atmosphere, only a small amount of the total energy produced by the sun reaches the Earth.