Residential Solar Energy in Maryland

On your roof, back patio, garage or free-standing, our systems can not only be the most practical and money saving and money producing investment you’ll ever have, but the most innovative and beautiful. Solar isn’t just a panel on a roof anymore. Let us show you how “beautiful” solar electric systems can be for your needs. Our professional solar panel installers have years of experience installing solar panels on residential homes in Maryland. We strive to provide the highest quality solar panels using the best solar panel installers at an affordable price for homes throughout Maryland. Solar power is a great renewable energy source in Maryland for saving on electric bills. Call us for an estimate on solar panel installations in MD.

Is A Solar Electric System Right For Your Property?

A Few Things To Consider....

Age Of Roof
Our systems are warrantied for up to 25 years - the type and age of the roof play a big part into the cost effectiveness of a Photovoltaic system.

How Much Roof Space You Have Available
We offer a variety of sizes and types to match up to 100% of your energy costs. However, we generally use the southernmost facing roof as it provides the best orientation and efficiencies for the panels.

Your Budget For A Solar Electric System
We have financing options for homes and businesses through local partners, and Maryland is offering some pretty incredible incentives to take advantage of your investment into a greener planet with state rebates and even local tax credits (varies by county - your professional will explain in better detail).

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Partnering with MSSI is the epitome of "You get what you pay for." Our customers enjoy peace of mind when dealing with us because we never cut corners. We stand behind our work with a no-nonsense guarantee and 20+ year warranty. We are committed to helping in the transition to clean energy. It's your life. It's our world. It's time to make a difference.

Residential Solar Services