Commercial Solar Service in Maryland

On your roof, freestanding, parking garage, walkways or windows, we have designs and systems specifically designed to not just save money and protect your investment but also to enhance and increase the value of your property. Let us prove it to you with an on-site, no cost consultation today.

Extended Bonus Depreciation: Last year, Congress temporarily increased the amount (50% of the cost of capital investment) that small businesses could write-off for capital expenditures incurred in 2008 to $250,000 and increased the phase-out threshold for 2008 to $800,000. The bill will extend these temporary increases for capital expenditures incurred in 2009.

Accordingly, until the end of 2010, small business taxpayers are allowed to write-off up to $125,000 (indexed for inflation) of capital expenditures subject to a phase-out once capital expenditures exceed $500,000 (indexed for inflation). (Div. B, Sec 1202, p. 74)

Commercial Solar Services