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Excellent Company service and support

One of the most professional companies I've had the pleasure of working with. From sales, to install to follow-on support, the folks at MSSI have always provided excellent service and support.

Solar Panel Installation

Excellent Company! Expert knowledge and quality installation. I couldn't have asked for more in terms of service. They guided thru the whole process and took on the filings for me. A wonderful experience. Not to mention the incredible savings on my electric bill and the amazing tax benefits. Their personnel continue to be very supportive and service oriented. They are the best!

Certified PV Solar installer

The sales process is conducted with a Certified PV Solar Installer, not a high pressure salesperson. Everyone from the owner to the office staff to the installation crew were courteous, friendly, and professional.

Excellent Installation and Support

MSSI was not the cheapest system I researched, but they were far away the best company with the best product. The installation was professionally done... even the county inspector commented on what a good job the install was - it stood out that much. They did all the paperwork for the federal and county incentives and registered it online for me. It really was turn-key, and it works great.

Very Pleased with Solar installation

After evaluating 5 solar companies, we chose MSSI. We selected a turnkey purchase which is much better than a lease because you get the tax deductions & can sell the carbon off-sets. After careful study, MSSI equipment, price and service was obviously better for us.

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