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Google Review by William

We were impressed with the quality and efficiency of the panels used by MSSI as compared with other companies. Furthermore, their commitment to customer service is unsurpassed. They were knowledgeable and very helpful through the entire process from HOA approval to installation to coordinating with BGE to registering to sell the extra energy we produce. It is complicated, and we would have been lost on our own! Now that our project is complete, they will continue to monitor our output and troubleshoot any issues. We could not be happier with our choice! We highly recommend Maryland Solar Solutions.

Google Review by David

We had our solar panels installed in early spring of 2019 and were extremely pleased with the entire process.

MSSI quoted price was not the lowest but was very competitive (the lowest quoted price we got was from company that also tried to sell us other products and seemed much more interested in selling other things than the actual business of installing solar panels...make of that what you will), but we believe it was worth it because everything was done with the utmost professionalism and quality materials.

Colette was absolutely fantastic explaining the ins and outs of solar and making sure everything was done properly. Her team took care of all the paperwork and have been great in explaining how to sell the SRECs we generate. We haven't had any hassles, no chasing people around on the phone, etc. One of our main concerns in getting solar panels was how responsive the company would be to problems with the system arising after installation. We haven't had any issues yet, but, given our experience thus far, feel confident that MSSI would address them in a timely manner.

Best contractor we've ever worked with and we could only wish all contractors were like MSSI.

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